Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research: Call for Papers

Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research addresses a broad range of natural resource fields including water, minerals, energy, fisheries and forestry in a synthesizing fashion, rather than stand-alone specialty areas. It also publishes papers on the natural resource implications of climate change, natural disasters and biodiversity loss, among others.
We are looking for papers based on original research focusing on policy implications and perspectives of natural resource allocation, planning and management. A sampling of suggested topics follows:
  • Natural resource policy broadly defined - scope and dimensions
  • Holistic vs. sector specific approach
  • Policy framework - components, sequencing, linkages, integration, robustness
  • Conceptual/theoretical paradigms - rationale and evolutionary perspectives
  • Country studies, case studies, case histories, survey paper
  • Natural resource policy modeling
  • Natural resource institutions - design and implementation
  • Natural resource policy crafting - ownership, allocation, planning, development, markets and pricing, conservation
  • Natural resources and political externalities; public choice and rent- seeking
  • Natural resource use and environmental quality
  • Public-private partnership issues
  • Natural resources and institutional entropy
  • Transboundary, transnational, and transgenic resources
  • Natural resource policy - efficiency, equity, and sustainability
  • Trigger issues - climate change, natural disasters, human disasters, deforestation, endangered species, invasive species, and environmental pollution.
We are also looking for special issue proposals on topics in the natural resources policy field that are in the forefront of current discourse, such as integrated disaster risk management, alternative energy sources with special focus on bio-energy, water privatization, climate change and natural resource institutions.
Submit your papers online
Please prepare your papers in accordance with the guidelines posted at under “Instructions for Authors.” Inquiries may be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at:

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