Friday, April 21, 2017

Members in the news: Vincent Smith and Dustin Pendell

Vincent Smith, Montana State University
Good ag careers just waiting for applicants to fill them
By: Farmington Independent & AgWeek - April 17, 2017

Vincent Smith, a senior professor in the Montana State University Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics, says he's tired of hearing that "the sky is falling in agriculture."

The downturn in ag commodity prices and farm profitability doesn't alter the long-term need for people with agricultural skills, he says.

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Dustin Pendell, Kansas State University
K-State scientists begin researching links between animal, human nutrition
By: High Prairielands/Midwest Ag Journal - March 30, 2017
Jessie Vipham, assistant professor of global food systems and nutrition at K-State and one of the two principal investigators of the grant, said, “We expect to identify linkages between multiple pieces of the cattle value chain. Our ultimate goal is to begin to develop a fuller understanding of how the cattle value chain contributes to human nutrition outcomes.”

Joining Vipham as a principal investigator is Dustin Pendell, associate professor of agricultural economics at K-State. Together they lead the team comprised of three other K-State professors and one Texas Tech University professor in the project that intends to begin planting forages this April.

Read the entire article on High Prairielands/Midwest Ag Journal

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