Friday, February 17, 2017

Members in the News: Schroeder, Hayes, and Lele

Ted Schroeder, Kansas State University
Dermot Hayes, Iowa State University
With COOL and trade, real solutions are needed
By: Agweek Editorial Board and Inforum - February 13, 2017
Researchers from Kansas State University and University of Missouri have studied the issue extensively, and their analyses were used in the U.S. Department of Agriculture report on COOL. Ted Schroeder, an agricultural economics professor at KSU, says pork producers also lost about $1 billion from COOL.

Additionally, Dermot Hayes, an agricultural economist from Iowa State University, says the law disrupted confidence in the North American pork market. Canadian producers lost 10 percent of the value of their pigs and held back on some expansion that now is likely to go ahead after winning a World Trade Organization challenge to the labeling rule.

And the argument that consumers would have paid a premium for U.S. beef and pork doesn't hold up. Schroeder and Hayes say there was no measurable change in demand for the U.S. products. The price of the raised-in-the-U.S. product was identical to commingling products.

"Why? It turns out consumer opinion surveys aren't the same as plunking down cash at meat counters," Hayes says.

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Uma Lele, Independent Scholar
Dr. B.P. Pal Memorial Award for Excellence in Agricultural Sciences
By NAAS - 2017
This award is the apex award of the Academy. It is given for singular outstanding overall contribution to agriculture. The awardee can be from any science relevant to agriculture. The award consists of a scroll, a silver plaque of value not exceeding Rs. 1,00,000/-. 13th All India Congress of India's National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the M.S. Swaminathan award, named after India's iconic "father of the Green Revolution"

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