Thursday, May 12, 2016

Food and Nutrition Economics: Fundamentals for Health Sciences

Oxford University Press has recently published a textbook by George Davis and Elena Serrano, entitled, “Food and Nutrition Economics: Fundamentals for Health Sciences.”  This book is intended for upper level undergraduates, graduate students, and health professionals.   Though the title indicates it is for the health sciences (it is being published by the Medical Division of OUP), you may find it a useful reference for an economist as well.  It is effectively an intermediate micro-economics textbook with all the applications being food but modifying the standard consumer and producer treatment to incorporate food and nutrition targets or constraints within our standard models.  There are individual chapters on income, prices, convenience, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, food systems, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis, among others.
Attached you will find a brief description of the book and below is the link to the Oxford University Press website giving more details, such as the table of contents.

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