Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Call for FSN Track Session Proposals

The leadership of the Food Safety & Nutrition (FSN) section of the AAEA is organizing track sessions for next year’s AAEA meetings in Boston (July 31 – August 2, 2016).

Based on last year’s allocation, we expect to have five track sessions and the option of up to five additional co-sponsored sessions (with other AAEA sections) for a total of 10 track sessions. 
We therefore welcome proposals that identify other sections that could co-sponsor the session. 

According to the AAEA guidelines, track sessions with presentations must fit one of the following formats:
•         Four presentations with no discussants or panelists
•         Three presentations with a maximum of one discussant
•         Two presentations with a maximum of two discussants or panelists
•         In sessions without presentations, a maximum of five participants may be included as panelists
All proposals fitting this format will be considered, but we have a preference for the first or second options. 

You may check out the program of the previous years for ideas of track sessions (see If you have questions or need help identifying potential collaborators and/or collaborating sections, feel free to email Michele Belot, FSN section chair elect ( or Christiane Schroeter, FSN section chair (

Please note that all presenters need to be current FSN members to be eligible to present in a track session from the FSN section. 

We would like to receive as much information as possible about your proposed session (theme, presenters, moderator). 
Please submit your proposed track session ideas by emailing by 6 PM PST, Tuesday, November 10th.

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