Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Agricultural Finance and Management (AFM) Section Track Sessions

The AAEA Agricultural Finance and Management (AFM) Section will sponsor two track sessions at the joint AAEA and WAEA meetings this July in San Francisco. The AFM section focuses research efforts on topics related to agricultural and applied finance, credit markets and financial institutions, farm and agribusiness management, financial performance and investment strategies, international and micro finances, land economics, price analysis and forecasting and risk management. The AFM section encourages you to join us for our two track sessions to learn more about current issues in Cooperative Finance and Lending in Volatile Times.

The track sessions are the following:

1. “Current Issues in Cooperative Finance” organized by Brian Briggeman (Kansas State University) with Keri Jacobs (Iowa State University), Phil Kenkel (Oklahoma State University), and Gregory McKee (North Dakota State University) as participants.

2. “Lending in Volatile Times” organized by Ryan Larsen (North Dakota State University) with Nathan Kauffman (Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank), Todd Kuethe (University of Illinois), Frayne Olson (North Dakota State University), Lee Shulz (Iowa State University), Christopher Wolf (Michigan State University), and Joleen Hadrich (Colorado State University) as participants.

We look forward to thought-provoking discussions and interactions within these track sessions in July.

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