Monday, November 12, 2012

Ag In Uncertain Times Webinar: Managing Drought and Disaster Impacts

Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Time: 12:00 Eastern/11:00 Central/10:00 Mountain/9:00 Pacific

Droughts and natural disasters have caused widespread effects across the farm economy this past year by increasing price volatility and production risk, as well as increasing financial uncertainty. These risks directly affect farms and ranches impacted by the natural
disaster but also producers far removed are affected by reduced input supplies and price increases. A three part webinar series will present issues concerning managing drought and disaster impacts.
The first webinar will be November 20 and addresses livestock issues. Presentations and presenters include:

Market Outlooks for Cattle, Dairy, Forage and Feed
Erika Rosa-Sanko and Katelyn McCullock (Livestock Marketing Information Center)
Feeding Risks from Drought Impacted Feeds and Forages -
Dr. Rachel Endecott (Montana State University)
Should I Buy Hay or Sell Cows - Jeffrey Tranel (Colorado State University)

The webinar is being presented using technology located at Montana State University and hosted through Ag In Uncertain Times. To join the webinar, click on the following link or copy and paste this web address into your browser,  
Note: Adobe has been making a number of Flash and ConnectPro updates which are helpful for viewing and participating in webinars. Make sure your Flash Player is the latest version. To download the latest player, go to
We strongly encourage you to test your computer internet connectivity prior to the scheduled meeting time. Follow the link to test your computer at: 

Point your browser to for additional details.

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