Monday, October 29, 2012

Choices Magazine: What Happens When the Well Goes Dry?

Agriculture has always had to contend with natural disasters. However, how these disasters affect agricultural producers and state’s economies has not been reported to provide consistent and comparable information. This issue, guest edited by Dave Shideler, presents examples of disaster’s impacts, methods to capture these impacts and aids for mitigating future disasters. The articles in this theme include:

The 2010 and 2011 Arkansas Drought Experience by K. Bradley Watkins

Agricultural Impacts of Texas’s Driest Year on Record by David P. Anderson, J. Mark Welch, and John Robinson

Damages to Louisiana Agriculture from Natural Disasters by Kurt M. Guidry and J. Ross Pruitt

Drought Issues in Semi-arid and Arid Environments by K. Schwabe and J. Connor

Featured Submitted Articles

The Twin-Transfer Squeeze on Rural Households and Governments in Virginia by Brad Copenhaver, Mary Elmer, Robert Gaffney, Caitlin Shaw and Jeffrey Alwang

Insuring Diversified Fruit and Vegetable Farms by Jeffrey K. O'Hara

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