Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Member Profile: Alex Marré

Alex Marré
Research Agricultural Economist
USDA-Economic Research Service

AAEA Activities: Member of Community Economics Network (CENET)

Alex Marré joined USDA-Economic Research Service (ERS) as a Research Agricultural Economist in the Resource and Rural Economics Division in 2009 after completing his PhD at Oregon State University. At Oregon State he studied under AAEA Fellow and Professor Bruce Weber. His research is in the field of rural and community economic development, especially in the areas of human capital, migration and local labor markets. Marré’s interest in community economic development comes from a childhood spent in a small Oregon town with economic ties to its natural resource base.

Prior to working at ERS, Marré worked in a variety of roles at Oregon State. His dissertation research, supported by a cooperative agreement with ERS, examined the relationship between education, rural-to-urban migration and economic outcomes for rural adults. The out-migration of highly educated workers from rural to urban places remains an area of deep interest to him. Other research projects focused on synthesizing and describing the rural poverty literature in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics and examining the effects of workforce support services provided in the state of Oregon. He also taught a course for undergraduate students while at Oregon State that served as an introduction to microeconomics with applications to environmental issues.

At ERS, Marré’s research focuses on human capital in rural areas and other topics that relate to the economic well-being of rural people, households, and communities. Most recently, he is working to help conceptualize and measure the wealth creation process in rural communities and regions. This research is aimed at synthesizing a large literature on wealth and wealth creation, developing a useful conceptual framework for how wealth is created, and proposing ways to measure wealth for targeting, tracking and assessing the impacts of wealth creation strategies. Other current work examines the employment and unemployment effects of the recent recession and recovery for rural and urban areas and for different demographic groups within rural areas. It is yielding information about how recent economic conditions have disproportionately affected rural communities and regions based on industry concentration, geography and demographic composition.

Marré has enjoyed participating in each AAEA Annual Meeting since 2008, especially in the Community Economics Network (CENET) track sessions. Some of his published work has appeared in the proceedings issues of the Review of Agricultural Economics and AJAE. He is grateful to AAEA for the opportunities to network and collaborate.

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