Monday, October 31, 2011

Call for Submissions: IFAMA World Symposium, "The Road to 2050: The China Factor"

The International Food and Agribusiness Management Association is accepting submissions for its 22nd Annual World Forum and Symposium, "The Road to 2050: The China Factor." The Symposium will be followed immediately by the IFAMA Forum, with both taking place June 11-14, 2012 in Shanghai, China. The deadline for submission is November 14, 2011

More information about the Symposium and Forum can be found on the IFAMA website. They are accepting submissions in a number of different categories, including Selected Paper Presentations, Discussion Sessions, Poster Displays, and Harvard-Style Teaching Cases. Here's the information provided by IFAMA on the event:
The International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) invites the submission of proposals for participation in the 22nd Annual World Symposium to be held in Shanghai, China. In order to provide an intellectual foundation for discussion, the Symposium utilizes:
  • Selected Paper Presentations
  • Discussion Sessions
  • Poster Displays, and
  • Harvard-Style Teaching Cases
The Symposium is followed by the Forum, an interactive series of presentations and discussions by top executives and researchers focused on timely issues impacting the global food chain. Diverse program themes and interaction with key agribusiness leaders enhances the sharing of information and identification of research issues. The Forum is on June 13-14, 2012.

Authors of a proposal should select from one of the following focus areas for their submission:
  • Global Food Availability, Cost, Trade, Security and Safety
  • Technology and Innovation in Food and Agribusiness Value Chains
  • Environmental Tensions and Compatibilities in the Food Chain
  • Human Capital Development to Meet Agribusiness Needs
  • Management of Food and Agribusiness Firms
  • Customer Orientation and Marketing
  • Commodity Price Volatility: Causes, Issues and Solutions
  • Other Areas
IFAMA will begin accepting Symposium submissions on September 15, 2011. The deadline for proposal submissions is November 14, 2011.

Symposium Co-Chairs: Dennis Conley, University of Nebraska, Holly Wang, Purdue University and Victoria Salin, Texas A&M University

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